• DATE: JULY 2 - 6, 2017
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Invited Speakers
    • Prof. Shiro HATAKEYAMA
    • Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
    • Japan

    [ IN2-PS0078 ] Contribution of Transboundary Pollutants Evaluated by Use of Several Markers

    • Prof. Neng-Huei LIN
    • Editor-in-Chief, Aerosol and Air Quality Research
      Asian J. Atmospheric Environment, Editorial Advisory Board
      Professor, Dept. Atmospheric Science, National Central University
    • Taiwan

    [ IN3-PS0492 ] What we have learned from Seven South East Asian Studies (7-SEAS)

    • Prof. Hansu KIM
    • Hanyang University
    • Republic of Korea

    [ IN4-PS0389 ] Facile Process Route for Si/SiOx-Conductive Polymer Core-Shell Nanospheres as a High Capacity Anode Material for Lithium-Ion Battery

    • Prof. Maosheng YAO
    • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Aerosol Science and Atmospheric Environment.
      Associate Professor Tenure- new academic track Peking University
    • China

    [ IN5-PS0524 ] Use of An Integrated System in Addressing Aerosol Problems

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