• DATE: JULY 2 - 6, 2017
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Plenary Lecturers
  • Plenary Lecture 1 [09:30-10:30] Chairperson : Dr. Hee Dong JANG (KIGAM, Republic of Korea)

    • Prof. Yoshio OTANI
    • Vice President of Kanazawa University
      President of JAAST
      Professor of Kanazawa University
    • Japan

    [PL1] Nanofiber Filter and Application of Air Filter to Aerosol Measurement

  • Plenary Lecture 2 [13:30-14:30]Chairperson : Prof. Hyuksang CHANG (Yeungnam University, Republic of Korea)

    • Prof. Pratim BISWAS
    • The Lucy and Stanley Lopata Professor
      Asst. Vice Chancellor and Chair, EECE
      Washington University in St. Louis
    • USA

    [PL2] Aerosol Science and Engineering Enabling Applications in Energy, Environment, Agriculture and Medicine

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